Plants are the heart of every garden and give it a unique identity. Not only do they create a pleasant atmosphere, but they also attract birds, butterflies and other small creatures that enliven your garden.

Whether flowering perennials, fragrant herbs or evergreen shrubs - we understand the diversity of the plant world and use it purposefully to create a green oasis of peace and joy.

Our services include:

Advice and plant selection: Our experienced team of landscape architects will competently advise you on the selection of the right plants. We take into account your personal preferences, the location and the specific requirements of your garden to develop a harmonious and balanced plant concept.


Planting and arrangement: With an eye for aesthetics and design, we professionally install the selected plants in your garden. We pay attention to the right combination of colours, shapes and sizes to create an impressive and varied planting.


Care: To ensure that your plants remain healthy and flourishing in the long term, we also offer regular and professional care. From watering to fertilising to pruning, we take care of the well-being of your green treasures.


Integration with other design elements: Plants can be wonderfully combined with other garden features such as stones, water elements and garden furniture. We create a balanced symbiosis to transform your garden into a harmonious overall picture.