Natural stone

Natural stone is timeless and brings a touch of elegance or even rusticity to any garden. Whether as striking garden paths, attractive dry stone walls or impressive rock gardens - the use of natural stone in garden design gives your outdoor area a unique aesthetic and radiance.

Our services include:

Advice and individual planning: Our experienced team of landscape architects is on hand to advise you and help you understand your ideas. We take the time to assess your garden needs and develop tailor-made solutions that are ideally suited to your style and the conditions of your garden.


Professional installation of concrete blocks: We expertly implement your plans and ensure precise and solid installation of the concrete blocks. Our team places great emphasis on quality and ensures a flawless end result.


Combination with other design elements: Natural stones harmonise perfectly with other elements such as wood, water and plants. We use our creative flair to create a balanced and appealing combination that enriches the overall expression of your garden.


Restoration and care: If you already have natural stones in your garden, we also offer restoration and maintenance services to preserve their beauty and integrity.