A little smarter

As a garden lover, you know exactly how much personal satisfaction can be found in garden maintenance. But let's be honest: not every job is equally enjoyable. Digitalisation is already turning our homes into "smart homes". What could be more natural than to also consider these benefits for your own garden?

We will be happy to inform you about the possibilities of automation in the green and show you your advantages - so you can concentrate fully on the tasks that are close to your personal heart.

Smart irrigation systems for the garden

Adequate watering of your garden is an essential part of your garden maintenance and the basis of your green oasis. Since you can't do without water, you should think about the type of irrigation: Good planning saves time, water - and therefore also costs. 

If it is enough to fill the watering can every evening and water the flowers by hand for a planted balcony, the situation is quite different for a garden. Automated watering systems provide a reliable remedy here. They can be programmed to release water only when needed. 

When planning the irrigation, the different bed and lawn areas are taken into account and the type of irrigation required in each case is determined. Simply contact us - we will be happy to advise you on planning and implementation. 

Smart robotic mower

With powerful robotic lawn mowers, automation also arrives in your garden. Robotic mowers reliably take care of your home greenery. The current generation of robotic mowers impresses with its very good quality. The devices also master inclines and slopes, recognise bottlenecks and obstacles and do their job independently of the weather, energy-efficiently and quietly. The advantages of a robotic lawnmower are obvious: you can relax in the garden or enjoy a cup of coffee more than usual on a Saturday morning, while your lawnmower keeps the greenery short.

We take into account the individual requirements of your garden and are happy to advise you. This way, the investment in a robotic lawnmower will pay off for you after a short time.

Intelligent lighting systems

What could be better than spending a warm summer evening with family and friends in the cosy garden? Atmospheric lighting is a must here. Floor lamps, discreet spotlights or modern "moonlights", the selection of garden lamps is large and you will find something suitable for every situation.

In addition to the atmospheric quality of light, it is also about safety: an illuminated garage entrance, light at steps, paths and in front of the front door let you arrive home safely.

A competent consultation and a sample installation in the evening will show you the many possible uses of light in your garden. An energy-saving lighting concept is a matter of course. Nowadays, control is convenient via app and is taken into account by us during planning.