Wooden elements

Wood is a versatile and living material that gives your garden a unique beauty and organic aesthetic. Whether rustic wooden terraces, elegant pergolas or natural wooden bridges - wooden elements can completely change the character of your garden and give it a very special look.

Our services include:

Individual advice and planning: Our experienced team of landscape architects works closely with you to understand your vision and wishes. We take the time to consider your personal style and the architectural features of your garden and develop a tailor-made concept.


Professional installation of wooden elements: We attach great importance to ensuring that your wooden elements are installed professionally and sustainably. Our experts use high-quality materials and ensure precise implementation so that your wooden elements last a long time and give you pleasure.


Care and treatment of wooden elements: To ensure that your wooden elements retain their beauty in the long term, we offer regular care and special treatments. This way, your wood remains protected from the weather and continues to shine in its natural splendour.


Combination with other design elements: Wooden elements combine perfectly with other garden features such as stone, water and plants to create a harmonious overall composition. We understand the importance of balanced design, making your garden a place full of elegance and cosiness.