Garden planning and design

We plan and design your garden in several steps. After an initial on-site meeting, we prepare an offer for the planning. If you accept this, a detailed planning meeting follows, during which we incorporate your ideas and wishes. The finished design planning is then presented to you in our office and adjusted if necessary.

In the beginning there is ... "the conversation"

During this first contact, we want to find out together with you where the journey is heading.

The initial consultation takes place in your garden so that we can get an overview: Location of the house, topography of the property, border crossings to the neighbourhood and and....

Taking your wishes into account, we will contribute creative and professional ideas and develop a concept together. Only then will a detailed design planning take place. 


Design planning

Taking into account the local conditions and the architectural as well as design possibilities, we present to you here a first tangible visualisation of your future garden.

Planning is always a growing, dynamic process. This means that we still have every opportunity at this point to take change requests into account. The aim of the design planning is the realisation of your wishes and requirements, with the help of professional and competent advice. The concrete roadmap to your garden is ready!


Offer and award of contract

After the successful completion of the design planning, you will receive a detailed offer for the work to be carried out. Here we describe the individual construction phases with material specifications, masses and prices. After you have confirmed your order and agreed on a date, we can begin with our work.

Then nothing stands in the way of enjoying the garden.


Turnkey garden projects

We offer you a complete package for your garden project. From the planning to the procurement of building materials to the execution of the work and the final acceptance, we ensure a smooth process. If required, we can also support you with permit applications. Final cleaning and waste disposal are of course included.

Partnerships for special garden projects

We work with experienced partner companies to offer you special services such as the installation of garden furniture, outdoor kitchens and pools. Our aim is to offer you comprehensive garden planning and execution from a single source.

Smart garden solutions for convenient maintenance

Our smart garden solutions include automated robotic mowers, irrigation systems and garden lighting. With these technologies, you can enjoy your garden without having to worry about regular maintenance.

Sustainability is important to us

We place great emphasis on sustainable practices, such as the careful separation and recycling of garden waste, the use of local products and the consideration of ecological aspects in garden design. Our goal is to create gardens that are not only beautiful, but also environmentally friendly.

If you are looking for a trustworthy partner for your garden maintenance and design, you have come to the right place.